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Saddleback Western Hats

Saddleback Hats
Our Saddleback Hats collection is filled with many creative styles. This hat is made with Genuine Toyo material sourced directly from natural stalks of grain. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, saddleback hats have a style you would love. Here you will find designs on all sides of the spectrum from patriotic to colorful to rustic looks. This saddleback line is a hybrid line with hats that are hand braided and hats that are machine made to achieve quality results. Keep in mind! All Saddleback Hats are one size which eliminates the hassle of having to choose a size. One size hats are created with an elastic band for an easy and secure fit. Best of all, the elastic band ensures a breathable feel.

Toyo Straw Western Hat$40.75
Toyo Straw Western Hat$40.75
Toyo Straw Western hat$32.50
Palm Leaf Western Hat$34.50