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Kallina Ladies Hats

Kallina Hats are known as trendsetters, always innovating to create new lovable styles. Our Kallina collection is filled with beautiful vibrant designs that can tie together any outfit. They all hold great qualities such as UPF +50, flexible fibers, draw string sweatbands to insure a perfect fit, and most importantly all Kallina Hats are one size fits most to shop it hassle free. Shade yourself from the sun's rays with one of our many classic styles and shapes such as the Floppy, Panama, Wide brim and more. Add some flare to your look by the pool or at the beach with a statement piece from our Kallina Hats collection, you'll see that looking great just got simpler.

Panama Fedora Hat$34.50
Panama Fedora Hat$29.50
Panama Fedora Hat$29.50
Panama Fedora Hat$30.25
Lady's Bucket Hat$39.50
Lady's Bucket Hat$32.15
Lady's Bucket Hat$29.50
Lady's Kettle Brim Hat$31.75
Medium Size Kettle Brim Hat with Bowknot$34.50
Lady's Gambler Hat$30.45
Lady's Floppy Hat$32.50
Lady's flat Brim Hat$34.50
Lady's flat Brim Hat$38.50
Lady's flat Brim Hat$35.50
Lady's flat Brim Hat$34.50
Lady's flat Brim Hat$30.50